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All reasonable care has been taken in the preparation of this website. All information, recommendations and guidance notes on the use of the products referenced throughout the website are made without guarantee since the conditions of use are beyond the control of Derbigum Manufacturing (Pty) Ltd. (The Company).

The design team is responsible for ensuring that each product is fit for its intended purposes and that the conditions for use are suitable.

Due to varying construction conditions beyond our control, Derbigum Manufacturing (Pty) Ltd does not offer any warranty, expressed or implied, on the use of the product. It is the contractors responsibility to confirm specification and installation procedures with a Derbigum Technical Advisor prior to any application of Derbigum Products.

The information contained on this website and advice arising therefrom is free of charge and accordingly on the terms that no liability or liability for negligence will be attached to The Company or its servants in relation to any such service arising out of or in connection with this website.

The Company pursues a policy of constant product development and information contained on this website is therefore subject to change without notice.

Please feel free to contact our Technical Advisor for detailed and specific specifications and uses for Derbigum Products.