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GeneralBagged Brick WallShuttered Concrete Wall

Shuttered Concrete Wall


Concrete walls are to be smooth off-shutter (board-joints rubbed smooth and ferrule holes filled) and to be free of voids and honeycombing. Care is to be taken to remove shutter release oils and all remnants of curing compounds. The concrete is to be cured and dry - generally accepted when the bituminous prime coat achieves full adhesion.


Waterproofing to concrete retaining walls to be one layer Derbigum CG3 or CG4 waterproofing membrane, with 100mm side laps and 150mm end laps, sealed to primed surfaces by means of 'torch-fusion', to receive Delta MS8 dimpled drainage layer to receive compacted fill (to engineers specification) on top of geo drainage pipe system (elsewhere specified). Waterproofing to be installed by an Approved Derbigum Contractor.

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